How to get there
........... Resort Location || Commuting Guide
Resort Location

1. From Manila – go south on the South Expressway (SLEX) until the end of the tollgate.

2. Go straight and travel 7.5km to the start of STAR Tollway.

3. Enter STAR Tollway and go to the very end towards Batangas City.

4. At the end of STAR Tollway, at the rotunda, cross Manila-Batangas Highway and go onto Diversion Road toward, Batangas International Port, and travel 3.5km.

5. RIGHT turn under over-pass onto Batangas-Balayan Highway towards Bauan.

6. RIGHT turn at Buedia St. (Jollibee at the corner) and follow the main road.

7. After Bauan Doctor's Hospital cross Manghinao Bridge then turn LEFT, Bauan towards Mabini, and travel 9.5km

8. RIGHT turn on Mabini Shrine Triangle towards Anilao and travel 1.7km

9. LEFT turn before reaching Anilao Pier towards Barrio Bagalangit, and travel 7.8 km

*** You will pass by Monte Carlo Resort, Vistamar, King Solomon Resort and AquaVenture. From AquaVenture, it's around 900m more and then you'll spot the BagaLangit Hideaways and Dive 7000 sign board ***

10. RIGHT turn on Bagalangit Hideaways entrance road (Balitan Road) and just follow the road. Careful STEEP DECLINE. WELCOME GUESTS!