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Commuting Guide

*** To get there from Manila via public transport, catch a Batangas City bound bus in Buendia/Cubao Bus Terminal (Common bus liners: CERES, ALPS, DLTB Co.) Note that these buses are usually scheduled to leaves every hour. And that commuter can typically get on the bus without buying a ticket before hand (except on major holidays) ***

1. Take a bus (preferably CERES Bus Liner) that is bound for Batangas Pier – DERECHO if possible, one that passes through STAR Tollway (indicated on the bus' sign board) without passing the TURBINA area. Tell the conductor that you're getting off at the Diversion Road or Batangas Grand Terminal. A bus ride from the stations in Pasay to Batangas Diversion Road would cost you around Php155.00/person this is subject to change depending on the rate of public transport regulatory board.

2. From Batangas Grand Terminal, board a JEEPNEY that is bound for Mabini. This trip should take you around 30 minutes the least, depending on the traffic situation. The fare is around Php30.00/Person (as of this writing). Then advise the driver that you are getting off at Mabini Triangle or Mabini Crossing, but sometimes the route would take you straight to Anilao Port which is better.

3. Take a tricycle and ask the driver to take you to Balitian, Bagalangit or the Bagalangit Hideaways Resort. Tricycle fare costs Php150.00/tricycle.

*** Please feel free to contact us during of your travel transition. We would gladly assist you through cell phones or text and would be happy to wait for your arrival in any of the major point of travel transfer. Also, please make sure to check on our Facebook account or Website for update of contact details ***